Cursed Eyes

from by Pride Subject



Never wanted to see my future in your eyes
Entranced I'm shown a foreshadowing
Of my own demise

This realization discolors all I've known
Until this point, this theme I would condone

And I see now my life's fragility
Destruction forged from within
Time grows thin
But to allow, I am responsible
This passage closing through time

Oh, I see the end is nearing
But I walk away
Set aside a means for clearing
I continue the same

Why, this virus has spread upon to me
And knowledge is painful
Lurks deep in my mind
Let me be

I'll become what stands before me
I continue the same
Oh, I see the end is nearing
But I walk away

Your cursed eyes have passed the torch
Now fear inhabits me, you see
The truth is welcomed to be told
For broken hearts will mold
But how I wish your eyes were sealed
I'm hurting no one else but me


from Pride Subject, track released November 18, 2010
Lyrics by Aaron Rauber. Music by Pride Subject. All rights reserved. Copyright Pride Subject 2010


tags: metal Monterey


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Pride Subject Monterey, California

Pride Subject is a living entitiy serving as the host to five musicians. Offering an onslaught of uncompromising melodies, raw displays of emotion, musical/psychological experimentation and musicianship.
Pride Subject proudly falls in the "DIY" category of bands. Every aspect of the music and presentation is crafted and displayed solely by the members and entourage of associates that fall under th
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